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Marketing And Its Evolution Over The Years

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Marketing is a critical part of any success-aspiring business entity. It is the fuel that keeps the business fire burning, and without it, any business is bound to fail miserably. Business entities are currently willing to invest millions into their marketing strategies because it is a guaranteed way to rake in sales by winning over prospective customers and maintaining buying ones.

What is Marketing?

In the simplest terms possible, marketing is the activities that a business entity undertakes in a bid to promote the purchase or selling of a product or service. It entails advertising selling and deliverance of products and services to customers.

What is the Importance of Marketing?

Marketing is an important part of any business and without it. Any product or service will not sell as expected. It is important to keep customers engaged and no better way to keep the conversation going and reminding your customers of your existence than through marketing. Some outstanding importance of this tool can be viewed in the following perspectives:

Engaging your Customers

Customers have to be constantly reminded about your products and services, and marketing is the perfect way to do so. There are probably myriads of other entities selling similar products.  The only way to crush your competition is to inform customers about your offerings and why yours are the best option. This means creating appealing content that will attract the attention of the customers.

Building and Maintaining your Entity’s Reputation

Marketing is the perfect way to build and maintain your business’s reputation. How much reputable your business is, determines how well your customers will embrace your products and services. Consequently, most companies gear their marketing efforts towards establishing a good reputation. A good reputation is enough to keep customers and win over new ones.

Building a Customer-Business Relationship

For a business to be successful, there has to be a good relationship with the customers. Customers need to trust what you are offering for them to embrace your entity. Marketing comes in handy to help you build a relationship with your customers. It helps you understand your customers based on demographics, consumer behaviour, and psychographics, so you can position your products and services accordingly.

Boosting Sales

Marketing utilises multiple ways to promote your business. This way, your products and services are in the customer’s way, consequently increasing purchasing chances. It is the ideal way to convince customers to try out your products, and in the long run, it reflects positively on your sales.

Maintaining Business Relevance

If you want your business to remain relevant, you have to market it accordingly. With the daily emergence of new products, it is imperative to remind your customers about your offerings.

Different Types of Marketing

The myriads of types of marketing that you can adopt for your business entity. However, the following are the major include the following:

· Digital marketing; this is a type of marketing that purely harnesses the power of electronic means to sell products and services. It uses platforms such as the internet, television, and electronic billboards.

· Internet marketing; this is purely marketing over the internet via means such as emails, pop-up ads, and banner ads.

· Affiliate marketing; this is an online marketing type that entails advertising with salespersons or website owners.

· Multi-Level Marketing; this entails selling products and services at designated areas of meetings or consumer home. A good example is Tupperware and Mary Kay.

· Global marketing; this is marketing at a global level where international entities form alliances and develop global networks to promote their products.

Marketing Evolution

It is no secret that marketing has evolved over the years with the advent of better and more successful ways of doing things. This evolution is significantly characterized by the following:

· Search engine optimization; this entails the use of specific keywords to advertise a business.

· Social media; social media is currently a rich marketing field for business entities.

· Technological Advancement; technology has presented multiple marketing grounds that businesses can use.

· Video marketing; the advent of video marketing platforms such as YouTube has given marketing a new breath.

· The internet; the internet is arguably the greatest marker of marketing evolution. It has revolutionized marketing, making it instant, better and more effective.


Every business entity needs marketing; from cleaning entities, car sales to hotel services or any other business. It is the simplest way to not only make your business successful but also to make it stay alive. Without marketing, any business is bound to fail.

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